Aaron von Ehlinger

I am a real estate investor/developer, a substitute school teacher, and a volunteer at the Idaho State Veterans Home.  Before I started making my own real estate deals, I worked in construction and the private security industry.  I started investing in real property in 2005, and have managed to thrive through the good times, as well as the bad. 

Two weeks after graduating from High School in the year 2000, I started life as a young adult in the United States Army.  I was sent to Fort Benning, Georgia (The Home of The Infantry) for Basic Training, Advanced Individualized Training, and Airborne School to learn how to properly jump out of airplanes into combat zones.  I was then stationed with the 1st Battalion 187th Infantry Regiment of the 101st Airborne Division (Air Assault) in Fort Campbell, Kentucky. 

Not long after Air Assault School, the September 11th attacks of 2001 occurred, and my unit was placed on full alert, and later deployed to Afghanistan and Pakistan in support of the initial Joint Special Operations Command mission to invade Afghanistan, and defeat Al Qaeda and the Taliban.  I was attached to the Combined Joint Task Force Mountain as a member of Task Force Rakkasan.  It was during this time in my life that I learned the true meaning of sacrifice and leadership.  This was truly a pivotal moment in time for me.  I was just 19 in Afghanistan.  In 2002, my unit was sent back to Fort Campbell, KY and in 2003 I was honorably discharged from the Army after sustaining multiple service-related injuries in Afghanistan.  I left the Army having attained the rank of Corporal.  

My pledge to you

One Veterans Day many years ago, I was at a celebration where several of my Veteran friends were gathered.  I was introduced to a Gold Star Mother.  She was the mother of a fallen Infantry Marine who died in Iraq.  After she told her son’s story and began to cry I hugged her.  She was understandably overcome with grief, but I tried to comfort her and tell her everything would be okay.  

I recall that it was at this moment, with that fallen Marine’s mother in my arms, that I realized we must do better.  The leaders of the United States, even at the state and local level, must only ever accept total victory over our enemies, and that we must secure victory by every means possible, and at the least risk of shedding the blood of American heroes.  It was at that moment I decided that if I were ever elected to a position of leadership, I would treat the job with the seriousness it deserves.  It is with this level of seriousness that I pledge to go to Boise and do the business of the great patriots of Idaho’s 6th District.

Community and Organization Involvement

  • Life Member - Grand Old Party (National Republican Party)

  • Life Member - National Rifle Association   

  • Life Member - Veterans of Foreign Wars

  • Life Member - Combat Infantrymen’s Association

  • Life Member - 101st Airborne Division Association

  • Life Member - National Rakkasan Association (187th Infantry Regiment)

  • Member - American Legion

  • Member - University of Alabama Alumni Association

  • Member - All 50 Club

  • Volunteer - Idaho State Veterans Home

  • Board Member - Lewis-Clark Twins/Cubs American Legion Baseball  

Our Team